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Thread: I should have called Poppy "Dandelion"

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    Default I should have called Poppy "Dandelion"

    The French for dandelion is "pissenlit," which mean pee in bed.

    We are having issues with Poppy and her toad hunting. Come nightfall, Poppy knows the toads come out. I started taking her out on her lead in the back garden to relieve herself in the evenings otherwise she gets herself into a frenzy looking for toads and she usually finds one and tries to kill it. Problem is she hates urinating when she is on the lead. So I take her in and out a few times every night and she just won't perform. She's pooped twice on my bedroom carpet and I found a wet patch on my bed today.

    Any advice would be appreciated on how to get rid of the toads and/or how to make her do her business while on the lead. She does pee on command when off the lead in our toad free period during the day!
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    Here are some articles that might help you, although I'm not a big fan of some of the ideas, but here it goes...

    I hope this helps a bit...

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    Oh Pauline what a advice Im afraid but hope you sort it out soon
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