Hi Everyone,

I took my 5 month old puppy Baxter to the dog park today and he was attacked by what looked like a large beagle. The dog got hold of Baxter's face and ear and proceeded to shake his head while Baxter was screaming. It was rather terrifying. Very luckily he wasn't too badly injured, he has a couple of cuts inside his ear and a small puncture wound about 2cm above his eye The owner of the beagle then told me that her dog doesn't like other dogs and can be quite aggressive....why would someone bring an aggressive dog to a dog park AND let it off lead?

Baxter is a very friendly and outgoing puppy, he loves nothing more than to play with other dogs but now I am afraid this might happen again. He is not scared at all to approach any dog and try to play with it, do you think I should be letting him off lead to play? Is there anyway of teaching a puppy to be a bit apprehensive when approaching other dogs or is this something that will come with age?

I apologise that this is my first post since i introduced the little guy although I am on this forum daily and find the support community amazing. Thanks for reading

Baxter and Katie