Maisie is in foster around Maynooth and needs to get to ASH Animal Rescue in Wicklow (near Blessington) on Friday by around 5ish. The foster home works during the day so she either needs to be collected by someone nearby Friday morning and held til around early afternoon at which point I can collect her and drive her up to ASH. Or she needs someone who could foster her Thursday night and who would be around Friday so I could meet to collect her to take to ASH. Or if someone wants to hold her and then drive her to ASH that's a possibility too but most likely I will take her as ASH is hard to find if you haven't been before!!

Is there anyone out around that area who could do any of these things? Princess Buttercup currently has her. I just learned that she indeed will be able to go to her new home on transport Friday so only this final detail needs to be sorted.