The Shop is now open on the Cavalier Matters website. For the past four years Bermondsey Street in London SE1 have held a Festival. This year Holly and Lil (collar and harness makers) have organised the Dog Show. They have donated a stand for us. The items being sold on the stand are in the shop. I hope you like them, it has taken a little while to get everything together. A Seaside Board made of King and Queen Cavalier and pups on the Throne. Children can have their photo taken for a price. Cavalier Matters website lists all of the events at the Festival.

A general care section has been to the website. If there is anything written you disagree or think I have got wrong please pm me, I welcome help and comments.

Hope you enjoy the following photos. Oh yes, I have a page under construction, Dougall digging a hole wearing a hard hat

Take a peek

King Dougall

Queen Molly

Board Complete