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Well done to both of you
I know how hard it is because I had that problem with Cinders a few years ago. She went from 10 kilo to 8.5 kilos and she was so much better for it. She has maintained that weight for over 6 years thanks to Burns High Oats.

Ruby has lost all her weight on High oats too!! From 11.8kg at her heaviest to a slim and trim 9kg
And god knows I can tell how much better she feels.

Cut out all the treats and replaced half of her biscuit mix with raw veggies and fruit while the weight was coming off and now she has 2/3 biscuit with as many veggies as she wants.
On our training nights she has no 2nd meal and I make a liver cake with a small quantity of the biscuits and veggies so that she isnt missing any nutrition!!!

Well Done with Leo!!!