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Sabby it's tomorrow, so you're ok...if you telephone tonight you might still be able to get a ticket.

BVA/KC MRI Chiari-like Malformation Syringomyelia CMSM Scheme & Update on Syringomyelia Research
Fieldhead Hotel
Markfield Lane
LE67 9PS
Thursday 7th October 2010
Chair: Dr Jeff Sampson

10:00 Registration and coffee

10:30 BVA / KC Chiari-like Malformation Syringomyelia (CMSM) Scheme
Prof Mike Herrtage (Cambridge); Ruth Dennis(AHT); Sandra Webber(BVA)

12:00 Questions

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Kennel Club Health Schemes
Dr Jeff Sampson (KC)

14:15 Update on Syringomyelia Research
Dr Clare Rusbridge

15:00 Questions
Tickets 20 (includes lunch and refreshments) cheques should be made payable to "The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club"

The Health Representative from each CKCS Club is offered a FREE ticket.

The Number of tickets limited.

Further details contact:
Maggie Ford Tel: 01264 860376 email: Maggie Ford
Little Trees, Station Road, Chilbolton, Stockbridge, Hants SO20 6AL

Sylvia Lymer Tel: 01530 831929 email Sylvia Lymer


Hopefully we will hear on the List about how the Research is Progressing., and what the Kennel Club Health Schemes are to be for our Cavaliers.

I noticed that Margaret had mentioned about some Cavalier Breeders hoping to derail this Meeting, I do so hope this won't happen.

What is the problem with those Cavalier Breeders, are they scared that they could be loseing Income from their Cavalier Puppy Sales.

It sure makes you wonder !!!!