Hi All
Sorry I didn’t get back to you all yesterday. I didn’t pick up Harley until 17.30pm. I was so tiered and I didn’t want to leave him and sit at the computer. You all know how it is watching over their every step.
Well I was a bit shocked when the Vet rang me. He said Harley had a lot of debris in his ears when I ask what he meant by debris he said dead skin, old ear wax and stuff that weren’t recognisable. He said that Harleys right ear has a slight perforated ear drum but it wasn’t inflamed. I ask what coursed the perforated eardrum and he said that the debris could have done that. After I came of the phone with the vet the first thing I thought is that the vet might perforated the ear drum by mistake. The thing is I can’t prove it and I just going to get wound up thinking about it. But it keeps niggling at the back of my mind and it only makes me angry. The problem is I had to have it done as something was stuck down there. You never know what to do for the best. Harley suffers from ear infections in that ear so maybe that last one in May never cleared up propper and done some damage, guess I never know. He syringed the ears with saline and Harley is now on Rimifin for 10 days. He gave us Metacam first but as I had bad experience with Ebony in form of bad diarrhea I ask for something else, but I been told that Rimifin can have the same affect. Great we are going away tomorrow with the dogs for a long weekend.
Otherwise Harley is 99% back to his old self, just trying to stop him scratching his ear is a bit of a job.