Hopefully I have managed to post a picture of Tilly?
When we collected her from the Pauline's rescue they said they thought she was around 4, but to me she looks a bit older, and my vet reckons she's nearer 7-8. What does anyone reckon? I am taking her to be speyed at the end of the month- she was too near her last season when I collected her for the rescue people to have it done, and my lovely vet says he'll give a her thorough exam then. She's coming bit by bit- two days ago sne took a little bit of her food from our hand, and she goes a little further on her walk every day, but she is just so nervous of human beings it breaks my heart to think what she has been through up to now, evry move we make terrifies her making it so hard for her to get used to this new situation for her, but I am sure she will as time goes by. There is already a huge Tilly shaped place in our hearts.