Are there other Lovers of our Cavaliers like me who get a wee bit Fed Up when we dare put our our Heads Above the Parapet and mention the Health Problems in our Cherished Cavalier Breed ,we are accused of Constantly Indiscrimmiately Baiting Cavalier Breeders.

That this will cause all the Health Conscious Cavalier Breeders to walk away.

My answer to this Statement to this is, why at the UK CKCS CLUB's AGM was an effort made to block the Breeding Guidelines Recommended by the CKCS CLUB for SM.

Why did a Cavalier Health Representative on a Cavalier Forum on the Internet make Derogatory Comments about the CKCS CLUB's Cardiologist.?

Another Cavalier Breeder made the comment that she does not believe the 50% figures of Cavaliers having Heart 5 - 6.This also on a Cavalier Forum.

I think we will remember the Article from another Cavalier Breeder about what makes a Good Committee Member !!

Last but not Least the Furore from so many Cavalier Breeders when the PDE TV Program was aired ,and Margaret was forced to Resign from the CKCS Club Committee for appearing on the Program.

If it had not been for some Cavalier Breeders like Margaret, Pet Cavalier Owners like Karlin and Carol, would any notice have been taken by many Cavalier Breeders who were warned for so long that the Cavalier Breed had Two very Serious Healt Problems Afflicting it.

Even to- day so many Cavalier Breeders are not Accredited Breeders, nuff said about their reason of WHY NOT!!!!.

The SM Researchers have had to move onto another Breed at the moment because of not enough information coming to them from Cavalier Breeders.

Finally the Gem of a Post that was made about me was, I only like to cause Trouble when I mention the Health Problems in Cavaliers.

I have been involved in collecting the Ages of Long Lived Cavaliers for many years ,and have always believed and said that it was better for a Cavalier to have as many Long Lived Ancestors in the Pedigree Back-ground as Possible, but now I wonder if I was wrong in believing this, what if those Cavaliers were Carriers of Genes of the Health Problems afflicting Cavaliers to-day.

I do so believe that the best way for the Cavalier Breed to have a Future ,is Find the Gene/Genes for MVD and SM, that way the Cavalier Carriers of those Two Diseases will also be being found, this is all down to the Researchers who are trying to find those Genes.