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Thread: Camping with Cavaliers

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    Default Camping with Cavaliers

    DaveCav asked, in another thread, how I managed to camp in a tent with two dogs and no car. The answer is a lot of organisation! I've been doing it for about 5 years, and over the years have got my equipment lighter and less bulky wherever possible. Everything gets packed into a sturdy cargo bag and a comfortable big rucksack. Cargo bag, folding stool and the dogs' pop-up fabric crate get packed onto a folding trolley and firmly strapped down. Mini stove, food for humans and dogs and clothing go into the rucksack. The dogs are snug in their crate and have quilted jackets for cold nights (their Camping Pyjamas!). Camping in Norfolk for a week in May brought home how small my old tent was - fine for weekends at shows, but a squash when absolutely everything has to come into the tent for a week. Our new tent has more space and a huge porch which will take trolley, cooking stuff, muddy boots and wet dog towels and still leave space to sit in wet weather. We're hoping to have a few days in the Cotswolds in October.

    The real problem with this method of camping is getting on and off trains - some stations have a huge wide and high gap between platform and train, and negotiating a heavy trolley and two dogs across it can be a bit scary. But people are nice, and I can usually find someone to either hold the dogs or help with the trolley (though it's not so easy to look like a frail old lady needing help when you are 6 foot and clearly quite fit!). But it's amazing what you can do without a car!

    Kate, Oliver and Aled

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    Hi Kate, I'm well impressed! I bet your dogs are really well behaved I think my family will have to take a few tips from you (VBG) no more kitchen sinks, but I think we'll stick with the car


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