Hi all,
I went to Paws in the Park today and discovered this grooming tool


I've always had problems with Pippin's coat because it's wavy, and he doesn't shed his dead fur. I never really get much out with combs and slicker brushes, and I had a furbuster from PAH which helped a bit, but it's still a struggle. This is brilliant. I bought one today after the man on the stall demonstrated it on Pippin. He got so much fur out. I've used it again this evening to give him a thorough groom and again got loads of dead fur out. His fur on his back end is actually lying fairly flat for the first time in ages. It didn't cut his fur either.

It's been a different problem with Maddie, because since she was spayed she's had a flyaway fine coat that no comb or brush seems to grip, again a problem to get the dead fur out. Well, we got so much out of her as well that between the two of them I could have probably knitted a jumper.

Both dogs seemed to enjoy the experience, whereas they don't really like normal combs and slicker brushes.

from me for this deshedding tool for two different types of coat.