Well our Agility season is over so we are back on the Obedience circuit so my little Ruby has a chance to strut her stuff!

Off to Great Yarmouth for our last Camping trip of the year and have entered Charlie in the Special Pre-beginner Stakes aswell so he has something to do!

Above all else Saturday is Charlies GOTCHA day so im thrilled to be having a whole weeked with them to Celebrate.
Alot has changed in our lives since that day he came home for good and he has been an absolute laugh a day joy to have around! Just cant beleive its been a whole year!

Well im praying that Ruby will win out of Beginners this weekend and then we can end the year on a high and she will retire at the top of her game!!

She will be 4 this year so for us it will most probably be our last year competing together.
For her to compete in Novice would be too much as the rounds of Healwork are far longer and im under no illusion that however much she loves to show off in the ring it will be too much for her!
She can easliy win so I just hope I dont let her down!

Wish us all luck