Fortunately this is a question I do not have to answer or face but how a person would arrive at their own decision to a question of this nature I do not know .When reading the far too many posts regarding our Cavaliers and that horrible curse of SM how do some of our unfortunate owners decide to go down the path of surgery rather than pain management by drugs .If anything should happen to any of my girls in the future I honestly don't think I could ever decide to put any of them through surgery and does it seem more of an option in the US rather than here, and what are the success ratios of improvement if one opts for this rather than control by drugs .Have many Cavaliers in the UK had surgery for SM and what has been the success rate or improvement in quality of life. ?

Sorry to have come up with a gloomy question like this it is rather unlike me as my attitude to most things is to decide and tackle as and when problems develop rather than worry over things that may never happen ,but when I read stories of people and dogs that have chosen surgery I often wonder why and how .