I mentioned before AXA have changed administrators and I have had some problems.

Last week I got new claim forms for Dylan. The new forms have some details already on them. The date of birth in years and months was wrong. I phoned them and they said that's the date of birth at the time the policy was renewed, fair enough. I asked what date of birth they had for Dylan and that said 30th Sept which is wrong, it's the 8th Sept. This was their mistake, they have also got Poppy's date of birth wrong, also changed to the 30th by coincidence. When I told them, they said I owe the 9 for Dylan in that case. This really didn't make sense to me but I paid it.

Today I was chasing up an old claim put in on 26th Aug. I was told the 75 excess was deducted as it's a new condition. I told her it wasn't a new condition and she could see claims I'd made this year all for SM. She is hopefully sorting it out for me.

Please keep note of what is owed to you as if you loose track, they could be taking off 75 excess when you have already paid it.