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Can I just say again Thank You all for your Posts, it has made such a Difference to Me.

Yesterday was a Terrible Day , but it sure made me Realize that there is every Chance if you Dare mention the Health Problems in our Cavalier Breed ,that you could receive an Anonymous Letter like what happened to me yesterday to try and Stop you Rocking the Boat from somebody in the Cavalier World who does not want the Cavalier Health Problems being Mentioned

It is not just the Cavalier Breed that is a Sick Breed,but some in the Cavalier World are Sick as well.

Can I also thank the Person who sent me the Horrible Anonymous Letter as well ,it has now me realize what a Horrid Place the Cavalier World can be when there are some Vindictive ,Venemous Folk involved with Cavaliers who Profess that they Love our Cavalier Breed and are doing all they can to help in the Breed's Health Problems.



I wonder if I may be allowed to Return to the Horrible Anonymous Letter I received Last Week from some-one I believe to be involved with our Cavalier Breed.

I have just been contacted by a message which said ,that I have done the right thing by making the Cavalier World aware about the Letter I have just received ,that by Drawing attention to the Person , they will Crawl Back under their Rocks ,I have Blown about receiving the Letter Open so that every-body in the Cavalier World now knows , because I have been mentioning about the Cavalier's Health Problems, the Writer had hoped to Worry and Upset me, but I have called their Bluff and they have Lost.

I must be doing some-thing Right when I have Scared some-one in Cavaliers by what I have been saying.

That Any Prospective Cavalier Buyer always asks to see a Health Certificate from the Cavalier Breeder to Show that they are Health Testing their Cavalier Breeding Stock, and if the Cavalier Breeder Refuses to do this , then go to a Cavalier Breeder who does.

I know that Buyers of Cavalier Puppies are given a Health Certificate from the Vet by the Cavalier Breeder ,but that is not enough , the Sire and Dam of the Puppy should also have been Health Tested and the Cavalier Breeder show that this has been done .