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Thread: How Do You Say No/Stop - Blast Up The Bum

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    Yep an "ahhh" works for my lot too. Or if they're looking at me a raised eyebrow will do the job - I must be soooo scarey

    Find sarcasm works well with my lot too - "excuuuuse me!" Ha, ha
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    i have a 14 week old puppy - mollie

    i started out with NO - did not work and i felt awful rousing on her

    tried the water spray bottle - she sat there and licked the water from her face/body and waited for more

    tried the coins in a can - worked twice, then she found the can and ran off with it

    i now use successfully a rolled up news paper bound with masking tape, i carry it round with me and when i see her doing something she should not, i wack it on the closest object - wall, door frame, table whilst say in a stern voice NO, ect, works a treat, scares they daylights out of the rest of the family as well, so it is quite funny when i need to do it and a family member is drinking a drink - ha ha ha ha


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