My name is Gail and I have a reason for joining this forum. In 2009 a programme called pedigree Dogs Exposed was aired on the BBC. I only found out about this tonight after doing some searching on google. My dog Harry was sired by the dog Beauella Radzinski owned by Beverly Costello. I have spent a few hours reading about everything that went on and am horrified.

My dog was born in May 2005, I believe after the first MRI had been done. He seemed OK initially but there was a bit of a delay in getting his kennel club membership.

Harry suffers from very bad itching and yelping pain. I remember seeing a bit of the uproar on the news about this last year but never got round to watching the programme and I just found it on youtube, I remember seeing on the news a dog displaying the same behaviours as harry.

Well harry acts exactly like those dogs on the programme, whimpering, scratching, walking Harry is an absolute nightmare, we have to stop every few hundred yards while he yelps and scratches. Our vet told us it was hayfever or skin allergies and prescribed steroids which did not help one bit.

Something was nagging at the back of my head, probably about beverly being difficult at the time, so tonight just on intuition I decided to google harry's sire as well as the itching symptoms, didn't take long to come up with pages of stuff but most of it was from just after the programme was broadcast.

I am just wondering if anyone else has dogs from this lineif they have SM, whether beverly ever published the results of the scan to prove herself (a long shot maybe?), and well I dont know really know what I want to know, I guess maybe I am just after a sympathetic ear.

I am not a breeder or a knowledgeable dog person, I did not choose harry for his looks, I bought harry for the family, we were adopting a young child and I read all about different breeds before deciding on ckcs for their lovely temperament. Harry is my rock, when we are having difficult days harry is there for me and I am devastated that he may have this condition passed on to him.