Good morning Margaret
Nice to hear from you and others as well. I'm glad I found this site loaded with helpful information about SM. I'm concerned with the pain my cav might be suffering from. He takes Gabapentan twice a day and does briefly exhibit the walking and scratching symptoms when it's time for his meds and also briefly in the afternoon. He has never yelped, eats well and is in good body weight. So I'm hoping for the best.
I'm glad the BBC programme was recently broadcast here horrible as it was to watch in some places. It was an eye-opener and I agree somewhat that purebreds have deteriorated over the years. Recently I found some transparencies/negatives that I had processed of the Alsation Sheperds, as German Sheperds were known as early in the last century, my family had imported. These sheperds were some of the first to enter Ontario. They do not resemble the modern breed at all.
Now that Cav breeders are well aware of SM I look forward to healthier dogs in the future. It is a long road to recovery but the first steps have been taken.
Take care