I had a new arrival at the weekend - Finn a 10+ year old Tri Cav from the pound. He was picked up as a stray a few weeks ago and as microchipped his owners were contacted. They said they gave him to someone and would contact the new owner, when they couldn't they said they'd be up to collect him. About three weeks later he turned into a surrender - they didn't want him back. I check the pounds regularly and I'm so cross - could have collected him a fortnight ago instead of him being stuck in pound As I said, he's about 10/11 but it's hard to age him as he only has a few teeth in the bottom. He's really tiny and so bony with a very fine coat that wasn't in a great state but he eats great so should put on weight in no time and a bath and groom has made the world of difference already. He fitted in immediately with my lot [tried to hump Willow - dirty boy!]. His heart is good so booked in next week for neuter.
I'm so in love He just wants to sit on my lap [or throat] all day long. Isn't the smartest cookie in the world as he keeps jumping up on sofas then can't get down again so house is like an obstacle course with things to help him get down. My older German Shepherd thinks he is her pup and follows him round all the time and I call him "the pup" because he's so small and cries like a puppy. He's probably the oldest of the lot now Named him Finn because that's me finished, finneto, no more dogs [yeah right!]
Looking forward to Finn becoming confident, porky and the loved, precious dog he was always meant to be.