Chloe turns 12 weeks old tomorrow! I can't believe I have had the little stinker for almost a month already. This week was a big week for Chloe. She now has more free time with the other dogs as she is starting to understand the concept of pottying outside. Plus she is almost 5 pounds so she can handle their rough play a little better. We also went camping for the first time! What a adventure. She goes on walks, but this was the first time she has got to go with the "big" dogs. She ended up riding on Sadie's back for most of the walk because she kept pouncing on it. We are working on proper leash skills.

While we were camping, it was also trick-or-treat weekend at the campground as it was their closing weekend.. All the dogs got to dress up. Holly (my parents dog) was a witch, Gracie (my parents dog) was a pumpkin and Sadie was a squirrell

Chloe was a very sleepy bumble bee

My big sister and I bonded

And here is a picture of her actually still enough to take a picture were she is not asleep..