The Tops, Toes & Tails Auction - to raise money for a[/SIZE] little old blind boy [Shih Tzu?] who had been left tied up to railings outside in torrential rain

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His legs were attached by matts to his ribs so he couldn't move them properly, his eyelids were pulled open by the matts attached from the bottom of them to his mouth, these were also covered by huge thick matts so he had no way of seeing. His mouth was covered and tied shut by a matt so he could only partially open it. It was SHOCKING! He had no face, just a cluster of huge matts, when we cut these off his face was bleeding, swollen and sore from where his skin had been pulled in so many different directions . He had mouldy pooh stuck to his skin on his bottom, and his bits were attached to his stomach and being pulled by tangled matts, he also has very sore paws from where he has been standing in his own urine.He was in an immense amount of pain, and the smell was sickening.

Read more: http://thelittledogrescue.proboards....#ixzz12342wsLa

I don't know how anyone could leave a dog to get into this state, and then just dump him.

Please support the auction and/or send a donation to help this poor wee old fellow back to health - thank you