Hi Guys,

I hope this is ok to post here. Yesterday I spotted a Blenheim male in my area several times(long story... he kept following my cav! ) I finally could not let it go any more when I saw him criss crossing his way around a busy crossroads in Dublin 8. For those of you who know the area he was crossing the busy intersection at Leonards Corner several times. I initially thought he was a neighbour’s dog however when I brought him up to her house, she said their dog was no longer with them.
I brought him to my vet to see if he has been micro chipped ... but both of my Vets scanners are broken. I will try another surgery this evening. I have also alerted the Gardaí in Kevin St and Harcourt Terrace, Ashtown Pound and the DSPCA.
This guy is a beauty and definitely a family pet, his coat is immaculate - I can still smell the groomers shampoo from him! He also turned his nose up at my dry food this am. He is very bubbly and giddy and extremely frisky!

If you know of anybody who has lost a beautiful Blenheim, can you let me know immediately? We are more than delighted to hold onto him until his owners turn up.