Hi everyone, as we are often asking each other for good cavalier shampoos i thought i'd let you know a new one ive tried & love! It smells fab but more importantly leaves them sooo soft & fluffy,Rubes had her 2nd bath in it on monday & still looks & smells gorgeous.Ive tried lots of conditioners on her before but never been happy,with this one as as soon as you put it on she's instantly soft & her comb goes straight thro' her feathers

http://scruffychops.com/ I think its a great price too.

Only 1 bit of advise-when youve lifted your little darling out of the tub dont stand on the packet of conditioner yourself, thus covering your little one all down one side again & her/him having to go right back in the tub-exactly as i did on monday! Poor Rubes thought her ordeal was over& oh her little face!