Another young tortoiseshell cat turned up a couple of weeks ago and joined our other gang at meal times ,it only looks a kitten and is a bit timid but just over a week ago Joy pointed out that it looks as though its carrying .So a week last Friday I phoned The Local RSPCA to see about a cat trap but they had none till Monday ,so Monday mid morning off I went and got the trap and Young Josephine turned up for tea but looking a lot slimmer, she had had her kittens that day and hidden them ,so cat trap went back and now we wait .But on Friday afternoon we spotted her moving them to a warmer indoors place so back to the RSPCA went I today and cat trap in the car ready for tomorrow when we think we should have a good chance of getting them all.If we do get them the RSPCA will let them stay for 4/5 weeks till the kits are independent and then get homes for them all and mum if shes a bit feral she can come back to us and our little colony with Big Ginger ,Little Fluff ,Big Fluff ,Tiddles ,Tufty 1 and Tufty 2 ,Big Socks and Short Socks and Josephine and Spud the black and white tom from next door who I will catch and get him de-knockered as we think hes the culprit .

So pls wish me good luck for tomorrow in catching Young Josephine and her three black and white babies .