I wonder if you can help me here. I have one cavalier girl and she had a caesarian today. She had three girl puppies and is cleaning them well but has not really bonded. She keeps trying to get away from them, is unwilling to let them feed, but will do so if I put them on a teat and when I leave for a cup of tea cleans them and then scatters them and lies on her stomach. They are in a largish crate so she can't go far. I've never had this before. I have been with her since picking her up this morning.

Question is, how long can I leave the puppies before feeding them myself and if I leave her overnight with them is she likely to have bonded by the morning without me around. I am worried about the puppies, they are in a warm room and have fed a few times. She has eaten and been outside to pee. Any suggestions? Thank you. I would put her in a smaller crate, but am worried about her overlaying them there.