Hey guys!
I have 2 cavs. MikaBoo is a 2 year old blenheim girl. She is a princess. Linus is a 1 year old tricolor and he is hilarious. Both of them have one issue each. Linus has a barking issue. He is very vocal and barks at my neighbors and such. He is doing very well with it lately and I have been working with him on it.
MikaBoo is my primary problem, though. She is such a good-tempered little girl and just is so sweet and awesome. But she has had a peeing problem that we just can not get rid of. We started training them in a litterbox because when we first got Mika, she was so tiny and we lived on the 29th floor of a building in NYC...she almost peed in the elevator whenever she had to wait. Poor thing. So we trained her to go in a box. And she did so well! Now we own a house and are in the Boston suburbs and we have a yard. They're both doing very well and barley have any accidents at all! [The only reason I mentioned all of this is because I have no idea if it has to do with the problem...]
THE PROBLEM! MikaBoo likes peeing on blankets and soft things. We had to kick them out of our bed because she kept peeing on the blankets. Has anyone had any experience with this or does anyone know how to fix it? I am very sad about it because they love sleeping on our heads. And we have a baby on the way and the last thing I want is to wake up in the night to get the baby and have dog pee when I get back. But now it's to the point where I had a blanket on the couch and she peed on it!

I'm sure you all know how frustrating this is since she is so well behaved otherwise.

Hope everyone is having a great day/night!

PS here are my babies: