I'm new here but have grown up with Cavaliers and at the grand old age of 30 now have one of my very own! He is nearly 11 months old now and I love him to bits (as does everyone we meet!) He is best friends with my parent's dog, a 2 year old rescue lurcher who thinks that he is her puppy! Here are some pictures of his puppyhood... I have kept in touch with the family that he came from and I took him back to meet his mum and dad - I don't think they recognised eachother at all, but then they are cavaliers and are a bit dim...

Apologies for the photo overload, I have so many photos and it was so hard to choose, at least on this forum I figure I have an audience that won't mind!

Castro and his litter mates. At first I couldn't tell who was who, but now I know Castro so well I reckon he is 2nd from the left!

Castro at his new home a few weeks later:

Castro with Auntie Scoobie the Lurcher:

Castro with Uncle Benji (my boyfriend's parent's dog):

1st trip to the beach:

Back to meet his parents (apologies for the bad quality photo!) Also they are all looking a bit bedragled as they had just been out running through some fields in the pouring rain! Mum is a ruby and dad is black and tan. They belong to a very lovely and loving family:

And finally, a couple of photos that were taken a few weeks back - he is 1 year old at the beginning of Dec. Where does the time go?!