I am on another Cavalier Forum Abroad, and just thought I would give a wee Mention of the SM Seminar Two weeks ago, and what had happened at it.

As a Result ,a number of the Forum Members ,have now had concerns about their Cavaliers and the Symptoms they were showing, had taken them to their Vets, but the Vets said it was Allergies .

Some-body else gave Links for SM and the PDE TV FILM ,and this has been watched ,and now some Cavalier Owners have made Appointments for their Cavaliers to be being MRI Scanned.

What has though , Made My Day, is a Post from a Forum Member saying that ,after watching the PDE Film ,that All Cavalier Breeders should show a Certificate Showing that the Cavaliers Parents are Free of SM.

It is great that the PDE TV FILM is still having an Influence on the Cavalier World To-day ,Two years later after it was Shown on TV.