Thank you all for taking time to read this and offer advice. We bring home our 8 week old pup this weekend so I'm in the process of trying to prepare for him and make sure we have everything he will need but I spent most of yesterday on the internet researching crate training and I have read so much conflicting advice I'm just now at a loss Please can you help?

So the plan will be to have the crate in the lounge with us so we can start getting him used to the crate...I read that the crate should have a puppy pen round it and that the door to the crate should not be shut until the pup is at least 12 weeks this right??? So what would happen at night time?

I should mention that I have 6 cats and they are fed altogether in the kitchen....should I feed our puppy in the puppy pen near his crate?

Looking forward to hearing your stories!

Many thanks