Hi Karlin,

Thanks again for your great advice. Not to worry, my fiance lives with me and is home for an additional 2 hours after I leave for work in the morning and he takes her out more and plays with her. We are aware, and were made aware by our breeder, that Coco would need 3 to 4 meals a day. Problem has been she wasn't eating them, which is why we were playing with her food, praising her like crazy after eating, and I discovered adding a few pieces in, then a little more, and more, etc. got her to eat!! Then you told me I should not be doing this and I stopped. Food is down 10 minutes, if she doesn't eat, she waits until next meal time. But now I realize the problem is that we got used to doing 2 meals a day for her because she was so hard to get to eat, we will give her another opportunity or two if she is not eating in the morning

My fiance also comes home from work for 1 hour during his lunch to let her out and play, and she is only crated 3 days a week. As far as potty training goes, she is doing fantastic! Getting her to eat is another story