All of you helped raised such a significant amount of money for health and rescue!!! I am delighted to say that an incredible 1000 has been donated to Rupert's Fund, thanks to all the baby Ruperts, cards, bonbon pillows and other items sold and donations received at Tania's amazing Discover Dogs stand.

This now brings us very close to 9,000!!! And funds at least 46 cavaliers for scans!!!

Our current total is: 8,892 ($14,270 or €10,392)

I'd like to try for a big goal of 10,000 by the new year!!!!!! We have already crossed the 10k line for the fund in dollars and euro. Let's do it in sterling!

We have a challenge now to get 1,108 in donations by January.

I think we can do it, in between calendar sales, more card sales, and some other fundraisers that are happening. Let's get to work to make a 10,000 scanning fund a reality for the researchers!