Our goal for Rupert's Fund -- supporting cavalier syringomyelia research (www.rupertsfund.com) -- is to reach 10,000 by New Year's Day.

Or to put it another way:

10k by 1/1/11!!!

We have already crossed the 9,000 milestone -- and are now just shy of 9,200.

Only 803 to go to make our project goal!!

Consider supporting the ONE Project with a donation of any size, large or small! Also consider all the great items on sale to support Rupert's Fund: the calendar, Rupert's Recipe book, Christmas cards, bon bon pillows -- the Rupert's Fund forum section of the board and the Shop-a-holics section has details on many of these items, and many are on sale in the shop at www.cavaliermatters.org too!

If we can make at 11k by 1/1/11 EVEN BETTER>>>