This is Sasha, our six year old female Great Pyrenees!

While we were living in Texas we went to a no-kill shelter and saw her standing up with her paws on the kennel door staring at us. She had kept her coat very clean and was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. My husband was nervous about her size and was worried that she would knock over the flat screen.... Boys….I knew she would be perfect in our house and I usually get what want, so we brought her home that day.

She was very shy when we brought her home because she had been abused and neglected. She was underweight and you could see and feel her ribs. She also had some dog aggression issues. But after two years with us she is a healthy, happy, adjusted dog and loves having her baby brother jump and climb all over her!

I am not sure if you can see how skinny she is in this picture. It was taken the day we brought her home.

This was taken yesturday, you can see that she is well fed!

My favorite picture of Sasha, running in the fields!

Doesn't she look happy!