I don't know what is going on with my little sweetie, Coco. She is such an amazing girl and I love her to death....BUT SHE STARTED NOT TO EAT AGAIN!

It was going well for a while after I starting taking her food away if she didn't eat in 10 minutes. I'd wait until lunch, and she would eat that and again at dinner. I also started feeding her in her pen and she was doing so well in there the past two weeks. Now she is refusing to eat again.

I have cut out treats from her diet, unless it is a tiny little piece as a reward for going potty or something. I pour her breakfast in there, and she just sits and look at it. I tell her "ok" and give her permission, she will sniff it and just walk away. So I try again for lunch, same thing. Come dinner time, yeah she will eat, but not with a lot of gutso. Her stool is normal, and she will ALWAYS go crazy and get very excited when I get out her treat bag for going potty outside. Again though, she is only eating a very small piece so there is no way she is sustaining herself on treats alone.

I am truly wondering if she genuinely does not like her food. Should I continue to be stubborn, or is it time to try a new brand? I worry about switching too often to turn her even more picky. She is eating a grainless food called "NOW!" for small breed adults. Breeder wanted her on adult food rather than puppy.

Also I wanted to add, I don't think her teeth are sore because she has hard plastic toys and a bone she chews on with no problems.