After much worrying we decided to go ahead with our Christmas Fair at the Tithe Barn in the village where I live. I was Co-ordinator this year , as well as providing their Tombola stall (proceeds to Tithe Barn funds) and my own stall for Ruperts fund!
My sister and I have been knitting like mad since September when I decided to have a theme of all things gnomes and elves.
I was pleased with how the stall looked, we also make crackers for dogs and cats, christmas cards, handbag facecloths, overnight bags for men (new this year!!!?),homemade gingernut truffles in little handbag shaped boxes and we had Ruperts and lots of Tania`s christmas cards to sell.
We had -8 deg the night before and 14 inches of snow had fallen during the previous week, but we were so lucky because so many people still slithered their way on the treacherous roads and paths to support us. Our stall made 220.00 for Ruperts fund, which I am sending to Tania for her to forward to Penny Knowler.
Sorry this is a long post but, I am so relieved after so much hard work that it all went so well!