Nicki - thanks so much for your pics of Rupert...Reading what you have said has had me sat here in tears. Our Cav's are so precious....Never "just a dog".

I can't afford to donate loads of money to the fund - I wish I could. As you know Barney was scanned last year for research, a decision we didn't take lightly. Kevin and I have talked lots the last week about the Cavalier collection scheme in Margarets blog. We've decided that when Barney goes on to "Rainbow Bridge" we'd like his last gift to Cavaliers for him to take part in this scheme. Not an easy subject to discuss and hopefully Barns will be with us for a few years more yet!

I will be registering him and probably Cassie too for this as I have said to Kevin, probably easier to discuss now than at the actual time...I know in my heart it is right to do this.....

Take care Nicki - sending you a big hug!!...xx Teresa