I will be taking my Little girl Rosie in the morning to North West Surgeons for her patella operation by Mr Ben Keely .My problem is no matter how hard I think about it and having watched Rosie happily chase my other three girls in the snow yesterday I cannot see anything wrong with her and so I cannot convince myself I am doing the right thing for her .I know I will be taking her tomorrow but it is so difficult to grasp it is the right thing to do when to me visually she seems the same as always.

If anyone has any advice or tips to help me help her during her period of recovery they will be gratefully received .She has her own crate by Dawn in the lounge and she has a soft crate by me in the bedroom and I have had a ramp made for her to get out of the back porch into the garden and we have baby gates for the stairs ,plus I am off for two weeks so will carrying and fetching for her 24/7.
So any assistance wellcome please.