A little discussed topic it seems to me, is how to move BEYOND the crate. For instance, my six month old Cavalier has been totally crate trained since we got him at 10 weeks old. However, if I leave him in a room in the apartment when I leave for a minute, he gets very upset, BUT if I put him in the crate, he's happy as a clam! In essence, he feels safe and secure in that crate. So, my question is how do I start moving him to being alone in the bedroom, for example?

Today, for the first time, I put the crate in the bedroom, left it open and let him be in the bedroom when I left for about five minutes. He cried but I didn't go to him until he stopped and I gave him treats as I left the room. In essence, the EXACT same principles that worked for crate training. Of course, there's the added risk of him chewing stuff, but I want him to feel happy and safe with the new freedom.

Advice? Sites with advice? Thanks!