With our young nearly 8 month old pup with have had a few problems at night, he was getting on fine until the clocks altered at the the of October and then suddenly he went down hill and was up at night barking to go out a lot - we had a couple of weeks of really bad nights, we had paper and a pad put down, but he perferred to go outside - don`t know if his teething had anything to do with it.

The little monkey also decided to rip up the pad and shred the paper, and after a while I had enough of collecting small pieces of paper from the kitchen floor, he sleeps in a basket behind a stair gate, he used to have the door closed until he decided to scratch it at night - oh the joys of a puppy. Finally the paper was lifted and he has been a lot better, waking at 5.40 more or less every morning. I don`t remember my older dog being this much trouble but I guess they are all different and get there in the end - hope I have`nt put you off.