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Thread: End of a year hope for a great 2011

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    Default End of a year hope for a great 2011

    Last year was a tough one for me personally because of Ella. As it comes to a close I realize how many special people I have"met" online and some I have been thankful to meet in person.

    I want to thank each and every one of you that has supported me, gave me an ear to talk to and have generally cared.

    It has meant so much to me and I feel like I have truly met some wonderful people.

    Ella is everything to me. I don't know how I would have gotten through it without that one email from Tania. Someone who reached out and introduced me to here.

    People come to this forum for different reasons. I came and was lucky to see that there are people who are genuine and great!

    Here is to a new year with new found friends all around the world!

    Love to all,

    Anne and Ella

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    Anne Proud mother of Elton 5 and Angel Ella

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    I hope 2011 brings joy, peace and health to you and Ella. Sorry last year was so tough, but you made it. Ella is so very, very lucky to have you!!

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    Happy newyear to you and yours too, and hopefully things are a little easier for you both this year
    Ryan, Lisa, and Kieran....our 3 cavaliers Lucy, Megan and Charlie and Jake the Lab all sadly now crossed over the rainbow bridge Belle our Staffie, Grace our Greyhound and Max our little rascle.


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