Helio is going to be 15 weeks on Thursday, and he is a CRAZY biter. He'll bite hands, feet, legs, he even lunges for our faces if he's close enough to. We tell him no and push him away, yelp, completely ignore him like I've read on here, but unlike all the other people who say that works for them, he just doesn't seem to care. If we ignore him, he moves on to something else to chew on, if we yelp, he doesn't even pause and continues chewing. Another thing, if we take away something he's chewing on that he's not supposed to, he'll run after us, biting our calves angrily. I feel like I'm doing something completely wrong and I'm really ashamed of myself because I don't know what to do to fix it! We're planning on taking him to puppy classes, but he hasn't had his last vaccinations yet, so it's still a wait. Any help at all would be AMAZING.

Also, he's having some trouble with crate training. He whines to wake me up when he needs to go out SOMETIMES, but not all the time. More often than not, I'll wake up and he'll have peed the towel I put in there, but it's not like I'm waking up late or anything -- he'll wake me up at 4 in the morning, after having gone to bed just three hours earlier, crying because he's soaked his crate. I take his water up an hour before bed and I take him out a few times, and the crate area I have sectioned off is so small that it's almost getting to be TOO small with the way he's growing. What am I doing wrong with this too? I feel like I'm being a terrible mother to him because he's having all these issues, and I don't want him to hate me or anything like that!