The Headlines in this Week's DOG WORLD are ,that....

CHAMPIONS and BEST of BREED WINNERS in 15 Breeds to be HEALTH CHECKED ,and will not be given their Awards unless they Health Cleared

Unfortunately our Cavaliers are not included in the List issued by the Kennel Club

In the Recent Health Survey carried out by the Kennel Club/BVA ,the figure of 42% was given for Cavaliers having Heart Problems.

Also the figure of 50% of Cavaliers having Heart Murmers at 5-6 years of age is quoted by Cardiologists.

I have contacted the Kennel Club asking the Reason why our Cavalier Breed has not been included their List, mentioning that it would be quite Simple to Administer .

That a Cavalier is not Made a Champion or Best of Breed Winner unless a Heart Certificate is Shown to Prove that He or She has NO Heart Problem.

If I get a Reply from the Kennel Club ,I will let you know their answer.