When I got Coco, my breeder told me I could show her but not breed. I love dog shows and watching them..and if Coco has no chance of making it in the ring I would love to get her into junior handling since they judge the kids and not the dogs hehe... but I wanted some opinions on Coco's body if she may have show potential at all. I am going to talk to my breeder more too but I wanted to post on here first to think about it more.

First off, Coco has a lighter chin and and the hair at the bottom of her neck marking is very light brown, but definitely not white. Her chin seems to have a tad bit of white...so as far as faults go I think that might be one, but is it a disqualifying one? She has a scissors bite, and is expected to have a very straight silky coat when it comes in. As far as ear set, eyes, head shape, body, etc, I am not an expert.

Also, it seems like as Coco is growing that her hind end is taller than her front end... is this just because she is going through an awkward growing phase, or will she stay like that, and is that a fault?

Here are some pics! I have been practicing "stacking" her (although I have no idea how to, she really just does stand stay )