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Thread: Show Potential?

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    Do you want to show her in CKCSC-USA or AKC shows? In both "clubs", she must be registered by that club. If you want to show her in the "Old Club" (CKCSC-USA) you need to join and become a member, as well. 6-9 months is the first puppy class.
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    As far as I know, any registered dog CAN be shown (the only reasons you might get banned would be things like aggressive behavior, or not having proof of current vaccines, also for AKC the dog must be intact with full registration). A "disqualifying" fault would mean that you will never get picked as the winner in your class, you would not be forbidden from exhibiting for something like a crossbite, or cow hocks. There was even a cavalier in NZ who had lost an eye due to an accident as a puppy, and he eventually earned a championship (he was otherwise a very nice specimen).

    Go out intending to have fun and spend time with your dog, not to win. You'll get to meet other cavaliers, their owners and breeders. Plus shows are where the low cost heart screening is often available.


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