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    Unless otherwise stated, all dogs are at the main rescue centre in Wales. For more information, see
    Patience is a beautiful black and tan 2 year old cav. She was given to us to find her a loving home. She has only lived in kennels and has not been lead trained so though lovely is far from a ready made dog. She is a dear little lady who loves other cavs and would really like a home with another but is good with all dogs. She will need help with house training.
    Paris is a waggy happy little ex breeding black and tan cav. Her owner is cutting back with dogs so she has come here to start her knew life. She will need another small dog to copy and snuggle up with to make her happy. Even though she is out of her comfort zone, as she is not used to leaving her place of birth, her little tail still wags.
    Pace is an ex breeding [ruby] cav who was no longer needed. She is a very sweet lady but not used to living in a home so not house trained or used to lead walking etc. She will need an existing dog to show her the way to home life and a kind, gentle and patience owners willing to help her.
    Pace is now RESERVED
    Rosey and Dolly are two ex breeding cavs who were adopted some time ago. Sadly due to their owner's ill health they are now looking for a new forever home together. Rosey is 9 years old and very timid Dolly is 8 years old and is also timid but slightly less so. These two girls are inseparable at the moment and so we would like them to find a home together. Due to their age they are by donation only. Although not essential a home with a more confident small dog may help them to come out of their shells.These dogs are being fostered in Clitheroe, Lancashire and are donation only, however please make your donation a reasonable one in line with the costs that have been incurred.
    Meet our little Honey. She is a 5 year old ex-breeding [blenheim] cav. She is a very sweet little girl and has a lovely nature. She is worried about walking on her lead but with time and tuition this will come. Honey will love a home alongside other dogs as she loves the company and really thrives being around them. Honey has never lived in a home environment before so will need help with being introduced to new situations and also she will need help with house training. Being fostered in Romford, Essex.
    Francine is an ex breeding [blenheim] cav. She is about 4 years old and has never lived in a home of her own and will learn the quickest and be the happiest with an existing canine teacher in the home. She has that wonderful cav temperament, is soft gentle and although worried has never showed any aggression. She will be a wonderful friend and the reward watching her bloom will be un-measurable She has one dry eye (this means one eye does not produce tears) so will need eye drops for life. Please don't be put of helping this little girl find the home she deserves. Being fostered in Romford, Essex.
    Mindy is a very pretty 5 year old cav [cross]. She has come from a multi-dog home where the owner very sadly felt she had to part with some of her dogs. They are all very dear dogs looking for forever homes. This sweet girl is a little unsure and is a real sweetie. She doesnt yet walk on a lead but given the time and confidence this will come. Mindy really likes the company of the other dogs here at Many Tears therefore is looking for a home alongside other resident dogs to keep her company and give her the confidence to explore.
    Mindy is quite petite and i would say is a cav x chihuahua, as she has unusual facial markings and a brown nose and tongue. I have had Mindy for nearly two weeks now, and the reason I haven't done an update sooner is that she is "work in progress". Mindy is extremely nervous of most things and finds it hard to relax in human company. She needs constant re-assurance that it is ok to be picked up for a cuddle and only now is she just about accepting a pat or stroke. We are making small steps forward but progress is slow. On the plus side she is starting to explore on her own, and as long as there is nobody standing in her way will venture outside especially if the other dogs have already gone out. Her toilet training is nearly 100%, and she sleeps all night without a sound. Any prospective forever home for Mindy has to be one without any small children, as she just wouldn't cope with young ones about; and has to be a home preferably with another cav as she is always cuddled up to one of mine. .Her adoptive family would have to realise that time and effort would have to be put in before Mindy becomes a "normal" family pet; but the rewards would be well worth it to see her flourish and gain confidence before your very eyes and to gain that bond with her adopters. I certainly think she's worth it and I'm sure you would if you came and met her. Being fostered in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.
    Kimball is a 4 year old Cavalier spaniel, a nervous girl who has come to us from a breeding kennels. Kimball is a lovely girl and is very gentle but will need quite a bit of time to get used to a new life. Almost everything that she will experience with you will be new for her and we will want you to have a gentle dog at home already who can show her around.
    Hi everyone, I am ready and waiting for my forever home. I am a really good girl, housetrained and happy with people and other dogs. I take no notice of cats or chickens. I have got a lovely frilly bustle and that is why my foster mum calls me Darcy. I would like to live with another dog for company but I am not nervous and I love cuddles too!!
    Being fostered in Crymach, Pembrokeshire.
    Mickey & Minnie ARE 8 week old cavalier puppies who need a home together. They are from a breeder who noticed something not right with their eyes. He had them looked at by an expert who told the breeder all have variety of sight in their eyes but the are mainly blind. This does by no means put our puppies back in any way. They are outgoing, adventurous, very loving and playful.
    When they came into the rescue we took them into Sylvia's kitchen and they ran round with the waggiest tails exploring everywhere and becoming familiar with their surroundings. They then slowly got used to us and eventually became more confident about us approaching them and handling them. They have gone straight to a foster home. Our lovely fosterer will care and love them and we will find them their right homes.
    The right home is someone that will care, protect and love these puppies. They may never see but they definitely make up for it in other areas. They are confident outgoing and love being with others. These puppies already are very special to our hearts so the right home really does have to be perfect!
    Mickey and Minnie love to play and chase each other around in the garden. They play with toys and chase each other when they want a toy another one had! They sleep all night without a sound and as soon as I get them out they go straight out the garden to the toilet. They don't do anything in their beds. They love to have plenty of cuddles they are lovely with small children as long as they are gentle and kind as all they want to do is cuddle up to you.

    Being fostered near Chippenham, Wiltshire and are by donation only, however please make your donation a reasonable one in line with the costs that have been incurred.
    CKCS or KCS?
    This handsome young chap is about 3 years old. Noel is a little nervous but very very sweet. He has come from Ireland to find his forever home. He is good with the other dogs that he has met both female and male. Noel really does melt you heart. He needs lots of TLC and thrives in the company of the other dogs so is looking for a home with other smaller dogs who are ideally cavs to be his friends.
    Being fostered in Bexley, Kent
    Peta is a happy friendly pug cav bitch. She has never lived in a house or walked on a lead. If someone was home most of the day we would consider her being an only dog but I think she would be happiest to live with another canine and this way she certainly would learn about living in a home quicker.
    (I dread to think about the potential health problems this cross could have )
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