This is more of a brag post Coco is going to be 6 months old on Feb. 3rd, and already I have her walking next to me with eyes on me (or a toy/treat) in short bursts!! Our training instructor has us working on getting up to 10 - 15 steps without the dogs breaking position or focus, and we are well on our way

I think some day we may take an actual Competition Obedience class, she really loves working and has a lot of drive.

Also on a side note, for the first time ever, Coco caught something out of mid air, it was pop corn! We had been working on teaching her catch forever it feels like, and she is finally coordinated enough to do it. Its so cute, she snorts a little when she snaps her mouth in the air haha

Check out this video of how well she is doing so far with learning heel: