those of you who compete in agility will know that your dog needs to be officially measured to see if they are small, medium or large.
The KC rules are that unless a dog is obviously large on the first measure then the dog will require a second measure between 12 and 24 months from the first.

So, December 2009 I planned to take Maddie and Pippin to be measured, fell off a horse the week before and was a bit broken (all healed now ) so asked OH to drive them the 60 mile round trip to pay 4 per dog to find out if they were small or medium. Well, I knew Maddie was definitely small, I wasn't so sure about Pippin.
OH returned, and said - "I hope you appreciate that I've just driven all that way to be told what I already knew - we've got small dogs!"

Today there was another measuring session on in the same place, my two needed their second measure, and when I aske OH if he'd mind taking them (I had other things planned. ) he said "what - in case they've become large overnight? "

Bless him though, he did take them and they are both still small.

what I may ask the KC is - can they adjust the rule so that if your dog has its first measure as an adult (say 2 years or older) that there is the option to forego the second measure.

So, my two small dogs had a trip out and met a Papillon and a BSD puppy. Maddie loved the Papillon, Pippin was more taken by the puppy, who at 6 months old was already a lot bigger than him. I have always thought about getting a papillon, but may wait until I've got another cavalier or two first..........................