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Thread: Ruperts Fund - Valentines Day

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    Default Ruperts Fund - Valentines Day

    Nicki has asked me to post on her behalf.

    It has been only one year since Ruperts Fund began. The response from ALL forum members and others has been fantastic. I have posted the link below to remind everyone of the great achievements.

    Thank you everyone for all of your support, "our beautiful breed will be saved"!


    Hope everyone is enjoying wine, chocolates and nice things tonight

    Tania and The Three Cavaliers!
    Dotty!- A Sweet Little Tri
    Molly - Pretty Tri Dougall - Gorgeous Blenheim

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    Thank you so much for posting that on Nicki's behalf, Tania. Just wish she could see those gorgeous cartoons - it would make her feel better straight away!

    So Rupert's Fund is one year old today. Can you believe it? What an amazing "monument" to all our beloved Cavaliers and to those who battle on to save them from the health problems which beset so many.

    May it continue for as long as is necessary - but may that not be too far in the future pleeeeeeeze!
    Marie-Anne taken over by
    Hattie (Blenheim) Poppy (Blenheim) + Lucy (Shih-tzu)
    Louie, Joss, Peppa, Megan, Victoria all waiting patiently at the Bridge

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    Thank you for posting this for me Tania and for your lovely reply Marie-Anne

    I was so sad to miss the anniversary - [and of course Valentine's Day!] but was thinking about it and how far we have come in just a year

    Thank you again to everyone - and for the wonderful cartoons, made me feel so much better
    Nicki, Tommy and Daisy (Shih Tzu )
    Supporting and


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