I think (not too sure) it's in an indoor equestrian centre, as is usual for this time of year.

So, these are my predictions - Maddie will do a clear round (if I can get my postioning right for a good weave entry ), but may not be fast enough to be placed.
Pippin will do the first two or three jumps / obstacles beautifully, then get his nose down and go on the search for horse poo. after which he'll come back to me and let us continue the course.

I'll let you know how we get on. It's not a KC show, but is a BAA show. This means the jumps are only 9" for my two "micro" dogs, as opposed to 13.75" at KC for "small" dogs. It wont make too much difference to Pippin because he could jump heigher that 13.75" easily I think, but I think Maddie will find it a lot easier.