Good news at the Cavalier Club show today, when Oliver and Aled had their hearts checked by Simon Swift - neither of their murmurs have increased since this time last year. Keep them fit and give them Omega 3 was his advice (and that ace inhibitors and beta blockers don't seem to work for dogs).

I also had a chat with the opthalmologist doing eye tests about Oliver's light phobia (a symptom of his CM rather than his SM). He shone a light in his eyes and reported that the pressure behind the eyes created by Oliver's dilated ventricles is inhibiting or damaging the mechanism controlling the pupils, so that they respond slowly to light and don't fully contract to protect the eye - hence, they allow too much strong light into the eye, which is what causes the pain. Fortunately, this has not caused any damage to the retina, which is possible. He suggested goggles for the summer - so I may be taking Snoopy as the Red Baron to obedience shows with me this year!

Kate, Oliver and Aled